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Costo del servicio

How much is this service?

You can browse the :plugger site for FREE on your mobile phone directly from the Telcel Network. You do not need a wifi connection or a data plan.

You can upload photos and statuses for FREE from the :plugger site (on the web or on your phone)

All SMS notifications you receive from :plugger are FREE

SMS you send to 9798 cost $1.51 (IVA included)

MMS you send to 9798 cost $2.52 (IVA included)

Can I access :plugger if my prepaid balance is zero?

Yes. You can access :plugger at any time for FREE. You do not need to keep a balance on your Telcel account to access :plugger from your telephone.

It is FREE to browse :plugger from the Telcel network

This means that you can access your favorite social networks anywhere you go. No need for WiFi or Data Plan.

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